Monday, August 21, 2017

Syria: Russian air strikes kill more than 200 ISIS militants in Deir Ez-Zor


Russian air strikes on a military convoy heading for Deir ez-Zor in western Syria are reported to have killed over 200 Daesh fighters and destroyed military vehicles and weapons belonging to the terrorist group.

The Russian defence ministry confirmed the attack in a statement today: “The Russian Air Force destroyed another large column of ISIS [Daesh] fighters that was heading to the area of the city of Deir ez-Zor, where international terrorists are trying to regroup and equip their last base in Syria.”

The statement, which was reported by Russian news agencies, further noted that “more than 200 militants” had been killed while destroying “heavy vehicles with ammunition”.

It’s thought that the militant group was mobilising its forces around Deir ez-Zor after it was expelled by Syrian ground forces and the Russian air force from the southern province of Raqqa and west of Homs province.

The News:
https://www.middleea … ants-in-deir-ez-zor/



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