Sunday, July 2, 2017

Yemen: Several al-Houthi rebel leaders killed in clashes across Yemen


A number of Al Houthi military leaders and at least two dozen others have been killed in Saudi-led coalition air strikes or in fierce clashes with government forces on several flaring front lines in the last couple of days, Yemen’s Ministry of Defence said on Saturday.

The ministry’s official news site,, said that fighter jets from the Saudi-led coalition killed Mahmoud Al Adbai and Abdul Aziz, identified as Al Houthi field leaders in the northern province of Hajja, while at least two dozen others were killed and injured in heavy clashes with government forces in Medi district.

The clashes erupted on Friday when rebels staged a counterattack to recapture strategic locations in Medi district, setting off clashes that lasted for hours.

The News: … ross-yemen-1.2051747


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