Saturday, April 8, 2017

Syria: Dozens of Islamic State (ISIS) members killed in clashes with Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Tabqa


ISIS gangs in Tabqa city which is besieged by SDF have launched heavy attacks to break the circle laid around them. While the attacks were repelled, dozens of ISIS members were killed in clashes.

ISIS gangs launched intensified attacks on the area between east and north of the Tabqa city and the Euphrates Dam Friday morning. The attacks that continued into last night have been repelled by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Dozens of ISIS members were killed and corpses and arms of 8 of these were acquired by SDF fighters who are making further advances towards Tabqa and Raqqa in the Operation Wrath of Euphrates.

ISIS gangs have launched a fresh wave of attacks Saturday morning.

The News:
https://anfenglish.c … ashes-in-tabqa-19378



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