Monday, March 20, 2017

Somalia: Heavy fighting erupted between Somali and Ethiopian soldiers against al-Shabaab fighters near Baidoa


A heavy gunfight between al-Shabaab fighters and Somali National Army has erupted in Monday in the outskirts of Baidoa town, the interim capital of Southwest state, Garowe Online reports.

Residents say the fighting broke out when the Islamic militants armed with machine guns and rocked propelled grenades attacked Somali military bases outside Daynunay area, about 20 km away from Baidoa.

Southwest officials said Somali forces and Ethiopian troops of AMISOM contingent fought to hold off the ambush assault from Al Shabaab, and killed at least seven militants during the counter-attack.

They said the battle near Daynunay town has lasted more than 30 minutes as the allied forces have overpowered the Al Qaida-inspired Al Shabaab militants. Several soldiers were also killed in the attack.

The News:
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