Saturday, January 7, 2017

Iran: Iranian forces clash with Jaish al-Ahd terrorist group on Iran-Pakistan border


According to Tasnim news agency, one of IRGC forces was martyred in the attack and three others were injured.

The attack was carried out at 11:30 local time, as armed men tried to cross the border into Iran.

Majid Aqa Babaei, director of the Interior Ministry department for border affairs, said the terrorists were pushed back by Iranian forces and could not achieve their evil goals.

“The terrorist group, like similar ones, is located in Pakistan,” Aqa Babaei said. “They intended to carry out an operation [to cross the border into Iran], but failed and were struck by [Iran’s] border forces.”

A militant group, named Jaish al-Ahd, also reported the assault from its official twitter account, Al-Masdar news said.

The News:
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