Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Kenya: Al-Shabaab terrorists are regrouping in Somalia to attack Kenya, police warns


Al-Shabaab terrorists are regrouping in Jedahaley, Somalia, and plan to attack the country, police have warned.

Inspector-General of Police Joseph Boinnet has also revealed that some of the attackers were hiding in small groups pretending to be herders around Hida and Dambala in Somalia while plotting to sneak into the country.

“The possible targets for the attacks include security personnel and establishments along the border as well as the passenger service vehicles plying the routes along the border,” he said.

The terror group had changed tact, said the police boss, and had split into smaller groups and infiltrated the country especially along the borders of Mandera, Wajir, Garissa and Lamu counties.

The News: … es/201611300838.html



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