Thursday, November 3, 2016

Afghanistan: Afghan forces foil Taliban attempts to overrun southern Trinkot city after killing 80 insurgents


The government forces, after three days of fierce fighting and killing some 80 militants, have foiled Taliban attempts to overrun Uruzgan’s provincial capital Trinkot, a key city in Afghanistan’s southern region, provincial police chief Wali Jan Sarhadi said Wednesday.

“Operations against Taliban rebels which begun three days ago have left around 80 insurgents dead and injured almost 80 others around provincial capital Lashkar Gah,” Sarhadi told Xinhua.

The government forces have recaptured Charmgar and Sarshakhlo areas, forcing militants to flee, the official asserted.

Charmgar neighborhood, according to locals, is some 2 km away from the Provincial Governor House in Trinkot and Sarshakhlo is just few hundred meters away from the Police Headquarters in Trinkot city.

The News:
http://news.xinhuane … 1/02/c_135801317.htm



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