Sunday, October 30, 2016

Egypt: 6 terrorists and 4 soldiers killed in North Sinai clashes


Six terrorists and four soldiers were killed during army operations in Egypt’s extremism-infested North Sinai, military officials said on Sunday.

Three militant hideouts, two vehicles and three unlicensed motorcycles used by them in their attacks against police personnel were also destroyed, military spokesperson Brigadier General Mohamed Samir said in a statement.

A number of suspected militants were also arrested during the army operations in Al-Arish, Rafah and Shiekh Zwayed in North Sinai, it said.

The army operations are part of the retaliation campaign launched to avenge the recent attack that killed 12 soldiers in the region. Egypt has witnessed a series of terrorist attacks which targeted policemen, judges and military personnel in different parts of the country.

The News:
http://indianexpress … nai-clashes-3729482/



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