Saturday, September 10, 2016

Afghanistan: Afghan forces encircled by taliban in Tarin Kot town


Exhausted Afghan security forces were surrounded on Friday by Taliban fighters in the capital of Afghanistan’s south-central province of Uruzgan, a day after fighting off a concerted push by the militants, officials said.

The Taliban attack, in one of the country’s top opium-producing areas, has exposed how thinly stretched Afghan security forces have become as they try to contain Islamist insurgents in other areas of the country.

Taliban insurgents had battled their way on Thursday to within a few hundred metres (yards) of key government buildings in Tarin Kot, the provincial capital home to as many as 70,000 people, while many local leaders fled to a nearby airport.

Bolstered by reinforcements and air support, Afghan troops pushed the Taliban out of the city by nightfall, but the situation remains serious, said Dost Mohammed Nayab, a spokesman for the Uruzgan governor.

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http://indianexpress … ficials-say-3022173/



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