Friday, July 15, 2016

Turkey: Coup d’etat, army claims full control of the country, declared martial law and curfew


Turkey’s military has said that it has “fully seized control” of running the country in a bid to protect democratic order and to maintain human rights, as state television announced that the military had declared martial law and a curfew.

The military’s claim of control over the country was made in a statement carried by the Dogan News Agency and Turkish television broadcasts late on July 15.

The statement said all of Turkey’s existing foreign relations would be maintained and that the rule of law would be a top priority.

An announcer speaking on state TRT television said the military had declared martial law and a curfew, news agencies reported

Meanwhile, the state-run Anadolu News Agency reports that senior members of Turkey’s military have been taken hostage at military headquarters in Istanbul — including the Turkish chief of military staff.

The News: … ankara/27860918.html



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