Saturday, June 25, 2016

Somalia: Al-Shabaab islamist militants storm hotel in Mogadishu killing at least 6 people


Islamist militants stormed a hotel in central Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital, on Saturday afternoon, killing at least six people in what has become a well-established tactic to sow terror.

According to witnesses and government officials, the attack started around 4 p.m. with a car bomb at the gates of the Naso Hablod Hotel, before fighters ran in and shot at guests.

The Shabab militant group, which has been terrorizing Somalia for nearly a decade and claimed responsibility for the attack, has struck at least four other hotels in Mogadishu in the past year.

A deafening car bomb at the hotel gates is typically how such attacks begin.

The News:
http://www.nytimes.c … at-least-6.html?_r=0



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