Saturday, June 11, 2016

Libya: Libya unity government allied forces take control of Sirte port


Troops aligned with Libya’s government have fought “Islamic State” (IS) forces to take back control of the port of Sirte. The brigades are part of an operation backed by Libya’s UN-recognized administration.

Militias with fighters from Misrata looped around to the seafront to capture Sirte’s port, which lies around five kilometers (three miles) east of the city center.

A Libyan general fighting with the brigades confirmed that British and US troops were giving support to the fighters. “The British and US experts are helping us with logistics and intelligence to deal with Daesh suicide bombers with tactical and strategic planning,” Mohammed al-Ghasri said, using an Arabic name for the “Islamic State” (IS).

The News: … irte-port/a-19322816



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