Thursday, June 2, 2016

Azerbaijan: Azerbaijan fires sniper rifles and AGS-17 grenade launcher at Nagorno-Karabakh line of contact


The Defense Ministry of Nagorno Karabakh says overnight June 1-2 Azerbaijan fired sniper rifles and AGS-17 grenade launcher at the Nagorno Karabakh line of contact.

The NKR Defense Ministry’s announcement reads: “Overnight June 1-2 the situation, in general, was calm in the line of contact between Karabakh-Azerbaijani opposing forces.

The Azerbaijani side violated the ceasefire agreement mainly firing various caliber weapons, sniper rifles and AGS-17 grenade launcher (2 shells) at several directions of the contact line.

The Defense Army forces exercised restraint, did not respond to the Azerbaijani provocative actions and continued confidently carrying out their military duties”.

The News:
https://armenpress.a … line-of-contact.html



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