Thursday, May 19, 2016

Libya: Libya forces make advances against Daesh terrorists


Forces loyal to Libya’s UN-backed unity government pushed Daesh terrorists back towards their stronghold of Sirte on Wednesday but lost more than 30 men, including seven killed in a car bombing, officials said.

In a televised statement from the streets of Abu Grain, military spokesman Mohammad Al Gasri said the forces had “liberated” the small town and two nearby villages after heavy fighting.

Western powers are counting on the new government to unify Libya’s political and armed factions to take on Daesh.

The government arrived in Tripoli in late March and is still trying to establish its authority.

Daesh gained control over Sirte last year and has built up its most important base outside Syria and Iraq in the Libyan coastal city.

The News: … inst-daesh-1.1830969



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