Sunday, May 8, 2016

Egypt: Islamic State (IS) and Popular Resistance Movement claim responsibility for killing 8 police officers in Helwan


Eight plainclothes police officers were killed on Sunday morning in an armed attack that targeted a checkpoint operation near Helwan police station, according to a statement issued on the Interior Ministry’s official Facebook page directly after the attack.

“On Sunday morning while plainclothes officers from Helwan police station were operating a checkpoint in a minibus near their station on Omar Abdel Aziz Street, four anonymous militants driving a truck opened fire at the officers,” the statement read.

Both Islamic State (IS) and the ”Popular Resistance” movement, whose affiliation is unknown, have claimed responsibility for the attack.

According to a statement from IS on Sunday morning, the attack on the eight officers was carried out to get revenge for women being imprisoned.

The News:
http://www.dailynews … -officers-in-helwan/



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