Thursday, March 17, 2016

Afghanistan: Clashes between Taliban and Afghan forces kill 25 people in Uruzgan


Afghan security officials say more than two dozen people have been killed and several others injured as government forces and members of the Taliban militant group engaged in fierce clashes in the country’s central province of Uruzgan.

Aminullah Khaliqi, governor of Deh Rawood district, said on Wednesday that at least 10 members of security forces as well as 15 Taliban militants have been killed during skirmishes in the area, located 400 kilometers (248 miles) southwest of the capital, Kabul, over the past few days.

He added that there were no civilian casualties as a result of the intense fighting.

Khaliqi further noted that government troops will continue their counter-terrorism operation in Deh Rawood until the entire district is purged of Taliban members.

The News:
http://www.presstv.i … eh-Rawood-skirmishes



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