Monday, February 8, 2016

Libya: Heavy clashes broke out between Derna Shura Council revolutionaries and Islamic State (IS) militants


Neighborhood 400 fight axis, in east coast, Derna city, was a battlefield for fresh heavy clashes that erupted this Saturday between Derna Shura Council revolutionaries and IS/Daesh militants.

The surveillance battalion of the Derna Shura Council, along with the backup units from the city’s young men, has managed to observe the movement of IS/Daesh militants in the mountainous area overlooking the east coast (also known as Al-Hajjaj), and then showered it with heavy artillery fire.

Meanwhile, Al-Fatyeh fight axis is undergoing fire exchange by heavy weapons between the two parties without any of them gaining an upper hand due to absence of air force support by the Tobruk parliament forces.

The News:
http://www.libyaobse … -council-and-isdaesh



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