Sunday, January 24, 2016

Kenya: Kenya sends more troops to Somalia against al-Shabaab


Kenya has sent more Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldiers to Somalia in its continuing search, rescue and recovery operation, according to a communication from Chief of Defence Forces General Samson Mwathethe.

The troops from various KDF divisions across the country were assembled and sent to the war-torn country to conduct operations in al-Shabaab bases at El Adde and other towns in the Gedo region.

The key mission for the forces is to annihilate al-Shabaab militants and recover or destroy military hardware that al-Shabaab insurgents looted from KDF camps during last week’s attack in El Adde.

“The latest ground troops from the infantry units, whose sole purpose is to fight and win land battles, are on their way to El Adde to reinforce several other soldiers currently engaging the militants in their hideouts near Gedo towns as fighter jets and attack helicopters continue to bombard the militants targets in Gedo and Baay regions,” said Mwathethe.

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