Monday, November 30, 2015

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Clashes between army and Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) Ugandan rebels kill dozens of people


At least 24 people died on Sunday in battles between a Ugandan rebel group in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and U.N. and local forces. The deaths included seven civilians who were hacked to death in a hospital, the BBC reported.

The fighting took place in Eringeti, a town in northeastern DRC close to the Ugandan border. U.N. General Jean Baillaud said the suspected culprits were members of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), also known as ADF-NALU. The group was founded in Uganda in 1996 but has become more active in DRC in recent years after being pushed out of Uganda.

The BBC reported that one U.N. peacekeeper and four soldiers died, and that most of the town’s 20,000-strong population had fled. Reuters reported that at least 30 people were killed, including 12 ADF fighters.

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