Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Burma-Myanmar: Burmese army fighter jet bombs Kachin Independence Army (KIA) rebel positions


One Burmese Army’s fighter jet and two helicopters on Monday bombed KIA’s 8th Brigade headquarters in southwestern Kachin State at around 12 pm. The fighter jet and two helicopters fired five rounds on KIA’s positions and nearby area.

Local sources say the two helicopters were seen circling above to help find targets for the fighter jet. “The bombs they dropped from the fighter jet seem like cluster bombs. They exploded on ground impact. Small explosions like firecrackers used in Chinese New Year,” said a frontline source.

A student from Monyin Degree College said a bomb fell near his school compound and all students fled from the school, and people of Monyin living in fear. Monyin Degree College is located just outside the Monyin City.

A combined force of Burmese Army’s Infantry Units from 15th LIB, 63rd LIB, and 318th LIB launched attacks on KIA’s 35th Battalion’s positions on Nov 14 at 4 pm. One KIA soldier died in the battle. Burmese Army forces launched another attack on a KIA’s 35th Battalion position near Monyin on the next day.

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