Sunday, October 25, 2015

South Sudan: Government forces killed at least 80 civilians and burned down houses in Unity State


South Sudanese government troops have been accused by humanitarian organizations of killing more than 80 civilians and burned down houses this month in Leer County of the oil-rich Unity State.

Protection Cluster, the umbrella agency for 60 South Sudanese and international organizations, said 57 of those killed were children; adding 29 of the 57 children drowned after they hide themselves from government attacks.

The group also said it has documented at least 1200 in Unity State who have no family members due to the ongoing civil war.

“As a result of this new wave of violence, it is estimated that nearly 1,200 children are unaccompanied and separated in southern and central Unity State,” the Protection Cluster said.

The News:
http://southsudannew … ouses-in-unity-state



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