Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Libya: Air raids against ISIS positions in Sirte, ISIS kills 4 people


Terror reigns in Sirte. Military fighter aircraft bombed ISIS positions Tuesday morning with an imprecise number of victims.

At the same time, while about a hundred immigrants were being rescued from the Straight of Sicily, the jihadists killed four people and publicly displayed the crucified body of the one of the victims. The brutality put into place by the cutthroats loyal to the Caliph was documented in a video, released online this time as well.

Three Africans were slaughtered and their bodies dumped in a landfill. The fourth person was an exponent of the Fajr Libya, a militia that holds power in Tripoli.

The man, dressed in an orange jumpsuit, was bound to a cross. Then the torture: the executioner unloaded a spray of bullets on his face, and his body was publicly displayed in order to warn residents. Guilty, according to the torturers, of being a spy. An episode that follows the beheading and crucifixion of 12 Libyan Salafis in mid-August. The Salafis were working to hunt down jihadists, and were killed by the Islamic fundamentalists. A savagery that frays when Sirte is heavily bombed by unidentified military fighter planes, and that according to witnesses caused numerous deaths and wounded, information that is currently unconfirmed by independent journalistic sources.

The News:
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