Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Syria: Syrian rebels expel Islamic State (IS/ISIS) militants from border villages of Turkey


Syrian rebel fighters repelled Monday advances by the radical group of Islamic State (IS/ISIS) in villages of the northern countryside of Aleppo, near the Syrian border with Turkey, media sources reported.

“Fierce clashes took place between rebel factions and IS militants in the vicinity of Azaz and Marea north of Aleppo on Monday,” media activist Ahmed Salloum told ARA News.

The U.S.-led coalition hit IS fighting positions with several strikes in the area, which helped rebel fighters to repel IS’ progress and regain strategic areas near border with Turkey.

“Syrian rebels regained strategic villages on the outskirts of Azaz. They also seized control of the Doubian gas factory that has been for long used by IS militants as a base from which they repeatedly attacked rebels’ headquarters in the northern countryside of Aleppo,” Salloum reported.

The News:
http://aranews.net/2 … rom-border-villages/



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