Friday, May 1, 2015

Burma-Myanmar: Mongla rebels say that full control of region brought development


Leaders of the Mongla rebel group told visiting ethnic leaders and reporters of their achievements in developing Special Region 4 in northeastern Shan State on Tuesday, saying they had “full control” over the area and established “a complete system of government” that provides adequate public services.

“We supply 24 hours of electric power here because we have our own hydropower dam,” a Mongla leader named Sai Mauk told ethnic armed group leaders and journalists during a dinner at Mongla town on Tuesday night.

“Here we run a complete system of government. We did not ask anything from the [central] government for this region’s development. But the government provided us with school teachers and medics for education and health services,” he said, adding that his administration paid the civil servants but operated the schools and hospitals independently.

“We have full power to control our region. If they [the Burma Army] want to cross into our area they have to inform us first,” Sai Mauk said when asked whether the central government has any influence in the region.

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