Monday, April 13, 2015

Sudan: Sudanese People’s Liberation Movement/North (SPLM-N) shells South Kordofan Dilling town on elections day

A SPLA-N rebel soldier, in South Kordofan (AFP)

The rebel Sudanese People’s Liberation Movement/North (SPLM-N) launched rocket attack on Dilling town in South Kordofan state in conjunction with the start of voting in the general elections.

In March, SPLM-N general chief of staff, Abdel Aziz Adam el-Hilu, announced a campaign to sabotage elections in South Kordofan state. Last week, the SPLM-N said it has seized a vehicle loaded with ballot boxes in the state.

Eyewitnesses told Sudan Tribune that Dilling’s southern neighbourhoods of Al-Rahmaniya and Al-Toumat were shelled by Katyusha rockets on Monday morning.

Dilling commissioner, Adam Al-Khalil, said the polling centers opened on Monday morning in the presence of political parties and candidates representatives, saying that rebels fired five Katyusha rockets to undermine security.

The News:
http://www.sudantrib … pip.php?article54608



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