Saturday, April 11, 2015

Syria: 152 ISIS members killed ny YPG/YPJ kurdish forces in 2 days near Til Temir village


152 ISIS gang members have been killed in the ongoing clashes between the YPG/YPJ forces and the ISIS in the villages to the south and west of Til Temir, while a tank of the gangs was destroyed in addition to many other vehicles, including a bomb-laden one.

According to the information obtained by Hawar News Agency from the YPG sources, ISIS gangs launched on 8 April night an extensive attack on the villages to the south and west of Til Temir. The clashes that broke out following the strong response of the YPG/YPJ forces, continued till last night.

Til Ruman village liberated.

According to YPG sources, 60 gangs members were killed in the clashes in the villages of Til Sukerî, Xerîta, Til Necmê, Til Ruman and Til Cezîrê on Hasekê road to the south of Til Temir, while the corpses of 11 gang members were seized by the YPG forces.

The News:
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