Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Syria: Army kills dozen of al-Nusra Front and ISIS terrorists in airstrikes


Scores of terrorists linked to the al-Nusra Front and the ISIS have been killed in airstrikes carried out by Syrian warplanes outside Idlib, Der Ezzour, Hassaka, Homs, Hama, Quneitra, Aleppo, Daraa and Damascus.

According to the official news agency (SANA), army units eliminated dozens of al-Nusra front terrorists, some of them were of Jordanian, Saudi and Uzbekistani nationals, in al-Tamane’a, Saraqeb, Taftinaz, Abo Duhur, Kafr Rohin, Hafsarjeh, Bennish and Silia towns in Idlib countryside.

More terrorists affiliated to the same front and to other terrorist organizations were killed in Adleh, al-Khdera, al-Terkmaneyeh, al-Sayyad and Jana al-Albawi in Hama countryside and in al-Sabroka point and al-Hamedeyeh town in Quneitra countryside as well as in Bza’a, Handarat camp and west of al-Nairab airbase in Aleppo countryside.

The News:
http://syriatimes.sy … orists-in-airstrikes



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