Sunday, March 1, 2015

Iraq: Peshmerga forces repel ISIL attack in Makhmuri


Kurdistan Peshmerga forces repelled on Sunday an attacked by ISIL in Makhmuri, when Coalition aircraft bombed a number of ISIL’s hideouts.

A security source told PUKmedia that ISIL attacked Peshmerga forces last night, in Makhmuri axis, adding that Kurdistan Peshmerga forces repelled ISIL attack that killed and injured dozens of terrorists.

The source added that the clashes are still ongoing, and Peshmerga forces of Kurdistan is making further progress, with Coalition aircraft bombed the hideouts of terrorists, according to our information the shelling killed 40 terrorists primary as well as the destruction of 4 wheels of ISIL.

The News:
http://www.pukmedia. … je.aspx?Jimare=29980



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