Friday, February 27, 2015

Afghanistan: Clashes between ISIL and Taliban militants


After setting the historical shrines of Logar province of Afghanistan on fire on Saturday February 21st, 2015, the ISIL militants also killed one civilian and replaced the Taliban’s white flag with their own black flag in the Charkh district. On the same day, the ISIL men entered locals’ houses, broke their televisions and warn people not to watching television anymore (Tolonews).

The ISIL affiliated group claimed the responsibility and asked Talibans militants in the Province to declare their allegiance to Al-Baghdadi, the Caliph of Islamic States of Iraq and the Levant. On Tuesday February 24th, 2015, another 30 men, all from Hazara ethnic minorities, were kidnapped in Zabul province by a group of masked men but no one yet claimed responsibility for it.

Although such incidents were normally claimed by the Taliban as they are the only powerful insurgent group in Logar and Zabul provinces; however, the recent burning of shrines were taken by ISIL group who receives commands directly from their own commander Sa’aad ul Emarati or Hafez Saeed Khan, nominated Governor of Khorosaan.

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