Thursday, January 1, 2015

Iraq: 15 ISIS members killed by Kurdish joint forces in Sinjar


The Operation to Liberate Sinjar started by Kurdish joint forces of defense in the Yazidi town on 19 December is continuing.

HPG (People’s Defense Forces) Sinjar Command and YBŞ (Sinjar Resistance Units) General Command reported in a written statement that clashes erupted yesterday afternoon after HPG and YBŞ forces noticed and intervened a group of ISIS members that attempted to attack the areas held by Kurdish forces.

3 members of the ISIS were killed in the area where the gangs are mainly attempting attacks targeting the houses where fighters of the HPG and YBŞ are present.

Fierce clashes broke out between HPG-YBŞ and ISIS groups that attempted to conduct attacks on the Suka Jor, Suka Jer and Berbiroj neighborhoods late 31 December evening. 9 gang members were killed in the fighting that erupted at night and continued till 10.00 in the morning.

The News:
http://en.firatnews. … killed-in-sinjar.htm



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