Sunday, October 20, 2013

Democratic Republic of Congo: Behind conflict, Bilderberg Group blocks peace


Fourteen days given by International Conference of the Great Lakes of Kinshasa Government and to the March 23 movement rebellion to find a pacific solution in the est of Congo are largely passed without producing results. Government delegation pratically has boycotted the reunion in Kampala presenting themselves only four days on fourteen.

Joseph Kabila president prentends inconditional surrender of rebellion ignoring requests made by M23: disarmament of rwandan terrorist group FDLR (Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda), return of congolese refugees of tutsi origin (more than 150,000), reinstatement of M23 in regular army, amnesty for commanders of rebellion.

To strengthen the position taken by congolese president thinks MONUSCO. UN peace mission in Congo, last September 19 has drafted a list of M23 100 commanders that would be not eligible for the reintegration in regular army having participated in different rebellions before the present. MONUSCO has also expressed against to grant them the amnesty.

«Our army is more strong than ever. Or M23 will sourrender or it will be destroyed», says Chief of Congolese Intelligence Kalev Mutondo to the weekly Ugandan ‘The Independent’.

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