Sunday, September 22, 2013

Kenya: At least 39 dead and more than 150 wounded in al-Shabaab shopping complex attack


Tragedy has struck Kenya as news of a brutal shopping mall massacre has rolled in overnight.

Armed men from the Al-Qaeda linked Somali terrorist organisation Al Shabaab descended the Westgate shopping complex in the Nairobi capital on Saturday afternoon, with current reports stating 39 people have been killed and 150 more have been injured. Al Shabaab confirmed their involvement behind the attacks via twitter; their account has since been suspended.

According to the ABC, the attack was, “retribution for Kenya’s operations against the group in Somalia.”

Chilling accounts from the attack have described that the group were targeting non-muslims; according to the Sydney Morning Herald, the gunmen wore AK-47s and vests, threw grenades and advised muslims that they were able to go free. A British soldier on the scene described the chaos, “I personally touched the eyes of four people and they were dead. One of them was a child,” he said. “It’s carnage up there.”

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