Friday, August 23, 2013

Democratic Republic of Congo: Dozens of M23 rebels killed by army in renewed fighting


Dozens of M23 rebels have been killed and twelve others captured since Wednesday during renewed fighting between the rebels and the Congolese Armed Forces, known as FARDC. According to military sources in the area, the FARDC also recovered three heavy weapons during these clashes.

The fighting intensified Thursday in the area between northern Kibati and southern Kibumba, commonly called “Three antennas.” Local sources indicate that shells probably fired by the M23 rebels fell into the Bugarura village, in the Munigi area located south of Kibati. A child and a woman were killed and five civilians injured by the explosion.

People may have fled the area between Kibati and Kanyaruchina, where only soldiers in operation were visible.

MONUSCO sources accompanying the FARDC in the combat zone said, without giving further details, that the situation is under the control of the army.

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