Friday, July 26, 2013

Burma-Myanmar: Fighting resumes between allied ethnic armed groups and goverment troops in North Shan State


Clashes have resumed between government troops and allied ethnic armed groups in northern Shan State, almost a month after the gunfire last stopped.

Fighting continued on Thursday evening at an outpost of the ethnic Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA). Two days earlier, the TNLA and allied troops from the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) clashed with the government’s Light Infantry Battalion No. 506, which attacked their outposts in a KIA-controlled area.

“Our outposts were attacked in Kutkai and Mongtong townships,” said Mai Phone Kyaw, general secretary of the TNLA. “The government troops’ LIB 506 attacked us with 80-82 mm rocket launchers, so we had to fight back.”

According to the TNLA, three columns of government troops have made military movements west of Kutkai Township, where TNLA outposts were also attacked by the government’s Infantry Battalion 145.

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