Thursday, June 20, 2013

Burma-Myanmar: Clashes between Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and Burmese army, mortar shells hit houses


At least three civilian houses belonging to Marip Brang, Ndup Hkun Hpung and Jinghpaw La of Wing Seng village have been hit by Burmese army’s 60 mm mortar shells at Htingnu quarter in Mungpaw in northern Shan State on June 18. No human casualties have been reported as villagers have fled to safe locations. But the mortar shells destroyed houses and killed at least 4 domestic pigs.

Battles continue in northern Shan State between Kachin Independence Army and Burmese Government Army despite both sides agreed to de-escalate military tension in the last meeting in May. A battle took place between Kachin people militia (MHH) troops from section 2 of KIA’s 36th Battalion and Burmese army’s 128th Light Infantry Regiment at Hu Bang bridge located between Loi Sa and Ying Seng village in northern Shan State on June 18 at 12:10 pm. The battle lasted for about an hour and no casualties have been reported from both sides.

Burmese army troops reportedly arrested and took two Wing Seng villagers to the battle frontline. Maran Yaw, a 23-year-old villager, of Wing Seng village and Zahkung Lum Awng, a father of 6 children, have been taken to serve as porters on June 14. Zahkung Lum Awng was shot from the back by a Burmese army soldier during the battle between KIA and Burmese army troops at Hu Bang bridge on June 18, said a local villager. He said the government soldiers buried body of Zahkung Lum Awng and offered 200,000 kyats to his family.

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