Thursday, January 24, 2013

Somaliland: Somaliland army clashed with Khaatumo militiamen in the district of Hudun

Six injured militiamen who were captured by Somaliland army this week in the district of Hudun in sool region have been brought to Burco general hospital for specialized treatment.

The Khaatumo affiliated militiamen were held at the Burco maximum prison after been captured during a fierce firefight last Tuesday in Hudun district after a failed ambush they had launched on a Somaliland army base,said Gen Shaqalle.

General Ismael Mohamed Osman (Shaqalle) told reporters during a press briefing “units belonging to the national army had dispelled an ambush on a military base in Hudun, inflicting heavy losses on the Khatuumo militiamen capturing 10 prisoners and technical battlewagons and one heavy duty vehicle after pursing them as they tried to flee for more the 40km.”

The army chief also revealed that two soldiers belonging to the national army were injured in the battle which lasted more than two hours.

The News:
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