Sunday, December 9, 2012

Somalia: Somali and AU forces capture the city of Jowhar from al-Shabaab


Somali government troops backed by African Union (AU) forces, captured the city of Jowhar 90 KMs northwest of Mogadishu, after a brief clash with al-Shabaab fighters, Garowe Online reports.

The allied forces attacked the agriculture-rich district of Jowhar the administrative capital of Middle Shabelle region, which was an al-Shabaab stronghold.

AMISOM spokesman confirmed that on Sunday morning allied forces had a brief battle with the al-Shabaab fighters in Jowhar who later retreated from the city for “strategic reasons”.

“This morning we captured the city of Jowhar after a brief battle, and we are now concentrating our efforts on tightening security in the city,” said Col. Ali Adan Hamud.

The News:
http://www.garoweonl … rom_Al_Shabaab.shtml



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