Friday, December 7, 2012

Puntland: 11 troops die in al-Shabaab attack in Bari Province


Intense fighting broke out between Puntland Security Forces and militants loyal to al-Shabaab in Sugurre Village, Bari Province leaving 11 people dead and 7 others are recovering, some from life threatening injuries.

A rescue vehicle belonging to Puntland’ s security agents was bombed by the militia. Five people were reported dead at the scene and two agents died on their way to the Bosaso Hospital.

Al-Shabaab confirmed the attack via their twitter handle. They tweeted that they attacked a military base outside of Bosaso and killed 30 soldiers while wounding over a dozen more.

Puntland’s security minister, Kahlife Isse Mudan, refutes those claims as he told reporters on Wednesday that 10 government troops were killed when their armed vehicle struck a landmine.

The News:
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