Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Puntland: Government forces repel al-Shabaab attack near Galgala


Puntland government forces repelled an overnight attack by al-Shabaab terrorist group near Galgala Mountains.

Around 11:00pm local time Tuesday, a group of heavily armed al-Shabaab terrorists attacked Puntland Defense Force units stationed at the frontlines near Galgala Mountains.

The terrorists attacked from different directions and Puntland forces repelled the attackers.

At least 7 al-Shabaab attackers were killed, their weapons were seized and the terrorists retreated with more than 12 wounded, according to intelligence information.

Two Puntland soldiers were killed in the nighttime attack. Puntland forces are pursuing al-Shabaab tracks into the mountains.

The News: … attack-near-galgala/



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