Thursday, November 22, 2012

South Sudan: 20 killed in clashes between army and rebels loyal to David Yau Yau in Jonglei State

At least 19 militias and one South Sudan army (SPLA) soldier died on Monday, when the two forces clashed in Pibor County of South Sudan’s Jonglei State, the military said.

The incident in Linkwangule Payam [district], according to the SPLA’s spokesperson, started on Monday night, when a group composed of about 50 militias loyal to renegade David Yau Yau, stormed a United Nations compound in Linkwangule, and requested them to evacuate the area before 10AM Tuesday.

“While they were communicating with UNMISS [UN Mission in South Sudan], the rest of their forces were deploying along the river in an attempt to block the SPLA forces from the water,” Phillip Aguer told Sudan Tribune by phone.

The News:
http://www.sudantrib … pip.php?article44604



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