Sunday, May 13, 2012

Somalia: Al-Shabaab fighters arrived in Mudug and Galmudug regions

Al-Shabaab Islamic militia fighters, aligned with al-Qaeda, have arrived in Somalia’s Mudug and Galmudug regions after fleeing their strongholds in the south due to pressure from the allied forces of Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia, according to to sources who spoke to Somalia Report.

While it was known that the fighters had moved recently to Mudug region, Galmudug officials today confirmed al-Shabaab fighters arrived in their territory last night.

“We received information that al-Shabaab militia with number of armed cars arrived in parts of our province. They reached the villages of Bud-Bud and Barwaaqo, which are parts of Hobyo district of Galmudug state. We prepared our troops in order to prevent them for coming and our army are moving forward to these areas. We are ready to defend our people and our territory,” said Galmudug Security Minister Abshir Diini.

The News:
http://www.somaliare … ve_in_Mudug_Galmudug



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