Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sudan: Armed Forces liberates Geraida, Kefen Debi and Kefen Kingi towns

The Armed Forces’ spokesman, Col. Al-Sawarmi, announced that the Armed Forces has liberated Geraida, Keen Debi and Kafia Kingi from occupation of the South Sudan State’s Army and its allies of the rebels of Khalil Ibrahim, Meni Arko Menawi and Abdul-Wahid Nour.

He said that the Armed Forces attacked on May 7 the area of Kefen Debi and after a fierce battle the Armed Forces liberated the area and secured its fully, announcing that in the morning of May 9 the Armed Forces continued its movement for Kafia Kinga, 59 kilometers far from Kefen Debi, and inflicted a another defeat of the People’s Army of South Sudan State and its allies of Darfur rebel movements.

Col. Al-Sawarmi pointed out that after their defeat, the People’s Army and its allies of Darfur rebels moved northward to Geraida village in South Darfur State and killed a number of its citizens and looted its market, but the Armed Forces at the area was able to repulse them outside the area.

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