Monday, April 2, 2012

Somaliland: Army vanquish surprise attack from militia loayal to Ali Khalif Galayr in Buhodle


Heavy fighting between Somaliland troops and a tribal militia broke out early early Sunday morning in the village of Sool-Joogto in Buhodle region and in the outskirt of Tukaraq village where Somaliland forces are stationed.

The battle erupted after tribal militia loyal to Somalia’s former Prime Minister, Ali Khalif Galayr launched pre-dawn surprise assault on Somaliland military bases in the outskirts of Buhodle town and on the outskirt of Tukaraq Village.

The militia attacked Somaliland forces from two different directions in an attempt to over take Somaliland forces current strategic positions, however the army was aware of the militia’s movement in the last couple of days and was able to overpower.

The News:
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