Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Somalia: Talks betwen Khaatumo State, Transitional Federal Governmen (TFG) and Somaliland


The VOA Somali Service reported that the office of the Somali prime minster has reversed the Transitional Federal Governmen’s (TFG) decision to recognise Khaatumo State.

Upon returning to Mogadishu yesterday the prime minister, Dr Abdiweli Ali, declined to comment on the recognition or non-recognition of Khaatumo State of Somalia formed nearly two months ago after politicians and traditional leaders and convened in the Taalex district.

The silence of the prime minister is as damaging to his political and academic reputation as the role he allegedly has in reversing the decision after being pressured by Puntland president to challenge the Somali president’s decision to recognise Khaatumo State.

Are people who support Khaatumo right to lose faith in Puntland? The answer to this question lies in the political developments since the formation of Puntland in August 1998.

The News:
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