Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Somaliland: Group of Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) militia attempt to cross into Ethiopia from Somaliland


According to information from reporters in the western part of Somaliland, specifically in the region of Selel have confirmed that a group of armed ONLF militia docked at the beach of Bulo Ado and have attempted to cross into Ethiopia.

According to our sources, the ONLF militia group, estimated to be less than 100 hundred people have fled into the Marmar range of mountains that are located at the cross section of the border between Somaliland, Ethiopia and Djibouti. This armed group of ONLF militia are thought have departed from Eritrean ports along the Red Sea coast.

The Somaliland Defence Forces in the western part of the country have been put on high alert and are currently on manoeuvres to ascertain the exact whereabouts of these armed militia. This is not the first time that an armed militia group from the ONLF have illegally docked at Somaliland beaches on their way into Ethiopia. The last group consisted of over 250 armed people and were met with force by the federal army of Ethiopia once they set foot inside that country.

The News:
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