Monday, February 13, 2012

Ogaden: 15 ethiopian soldiers killed by Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) unit near Babili


Heavy fighting between ONLF forces and those of the Woyane-Ethiopian regime forces is currently taking place in the vicinity of Simane and Dundumo Cadka, near Babili. ONLF fighters from Gorgor (Eagle Unit) are engaging in severe fighting with Woyane-Ethiopian troops Military Convoy.

First reports provided by our frontline reporters indicate the operations undertaken by the Gorogor (Eagle)an unit which operates in and around the area resulted the death of 15 Ethiopian soldiers including high ranking military officials and the capture of huge caches of military supplies. The supplies included small arms, machine guns, sophisticated military radios, and a large cache of more modern medicines.

Local people in Babili confirmed that many Woyane dead and wounded have been brought to the city.

There is constant fighting between Ethiopian troops and ONLF forces in the Ogaden region.

The News: … r-babili-ogaden.html



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