Monday, January 16, 2012

Somaliland: Army takes control of Buhodle town

Somaliland army is reported to have seized control of the disputed eastern town of Buhoodle in Buhoodle region, near the Ethiopian border, without any confrontations. Reports said thousands of heavily armed soldiers moved into the town and neighboring villages early Sunday morning (local time) after they heard heavy gun fire from the town. They added a local tribal militia was testing their guns but were caught off-guard by surprise.

No casualties were reported but Somalilandpress has learned the army clashed with SSC tribal militia in the village of Sool-Jogto, about 25 KM east of Buhoodle city. After over-running them, they entered the city from two separate directions chasing the militia.

The army move comes days after separatists gathering in near by town of Taleeh declared the formation of a semi-autonomous state. The President Ahmed Silanyo said his government will not tolerate the disintegration of Somaliland.

The News:
http://somalilandpre … ol-of-buhoodle-26046



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