Monday, December 19, 2011

Somalia: Kenyan forces destroyed al-Shabaab training camps


Kenya Air Force helicopters have destroyed Al Shabaab camps and killed several militants in Somalia.

On December 13 the military choppers destroyed al-Shabaab camps at Garbaguso, Afmadow airstrip and Usingo.

The raids were also conducted by the Navy, Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) spokesperson Colonel Cyrus Oguna said during the weekly briefing on the progress of the Operation Linda Nchi in Somalia.

The briefing, which took place at the Foreign Affairs Ministry offices in Nairobi, on Saturday, marked the 62nd day since Kenya launched the offensive against al-Shabaab in Somalia.

Oguna said on December 14 Air Force helicopters destroyed an Al Shabaab camp at Wamaitho, as the group was preparing to attack Kenyan and TFG forces. And on December 15, helicopters destroyed an al-Shabaab camp at Bungavu in northern Somalia.

The News:
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