Thursday, December 1, 2011

Somalia: 11 al-Shabaab defectors fighters surrendered to Somali government


The security agencies of Somali Transitional Federal government of Somalia said on Wednesday that a number of al-Shabaab defectors surrendered to government.

Ahmed Mo’alin Fiqi,the director of the TFG security agency told reporters in Mogadishu that eleven young al-Shabaab fighters who defected from the group in the past 24-hours have surrendered them selves to the government.

Fiqi said that two of the defectors were sent to make suicide attacks in Mogadishu, but they repented from those bad actions and joined the government of Somalia.

Ahmed Mo’alin Fiqi,the director of the TFG security agency underlined that many al-Shabaab militants in the weeks past few have been defecting and surrendering to the security agency of Somalia.

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