Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Somalia: 40 al-Shabaab militias injured in fightings in Lower Juba


At least 40 al Shabaab fighters are reported to have been seriously injured following fighting between them and Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government troops in Kulbiyow and Badhaadhe areas in Lower Juba.

Kenya Defence Forces and TFG troops backed by Ras Kamboni militia have been slowly moving into al Shabaab strongholds and taking over training camps in the joint quest to rout the militia.

The injured fighters who have since withdrawn from their camps were transported from a forested area between Kulbiyow and Badhaadhe in their battle wagons to a hospital.

“At least five vehicles carrying the injured fighters arrived in Kismayu. The injured militia were taken to a Red Cross hospital where they are being treated,”one Kismayu resident said.

The News:
http://allafrica.com … es/201111211538.html



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